I am Michael.

cropped-10421532_10205064776953798_6637422440632988810_n.jpgPhoto Credit (Featured Image): Stacey Baker-Bruno


Michael Donohoe Photo Head Shot
Photo Credit: Nue Chanthavongsay

It is funny how I am known for many things. Being a father of five kids (plus two step kids), being from the “Jersey Shore”, playing guitar during fire alarms in college, a baseball fanatic, a voice like Steve Buscemi, and I could continue, but I’ll stop.

My focus and my passion are on two key businesses which I have come to learn are becoming tightly knit

Professionally Speaking.

Something to Say Communications provides advertising, marketing, and communications services with a focus on healthcare, technology, and small business.Serving as producers and project managers is our specialty. Please visit the sit if you would like to learn more

A1C Wellness provides diabetes advocacy, awareness and education. Our battle cry is “diabetics fighting for diabetics.” I am available for consulting opportunities (as a patient health expert, program development, producer, project manager), speaking engagements, interviews, social media, blogging and more. Please visit our website to learn more.

Cool Podcast with Sandy Waters.

So, you may be asking what is my drive, well…

I expect positive results with all of my projects, and my strongest quality is perseverance. I appeared in December on the $even Figure$ podcast with Sandy Waters of 98.9 The Buzz in Rochester, NY. We discussed the topic of “Is It Time to Reinvent Yourself and Upgrade Your Life?” The answer is YES and I keep on trying!

Please listen to the interview.

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