Who Am I

cropped-10421532_10205064776953798_6637422440632988810_n.jpgPhoto Credit (Featured Image): Stacey Baker-Bruno

My Story…

My career in communications has spanned…

Michael Donohoe Photo Head Shot
Photo Credit: Nue Chanthavongsay

28 years in political, corporate and agency marketing
23 years in digital marketing
18 years as a marketing project manager (PMO) and producer

Since I moved from New York City to the Finger Lakes in 2013, I made a decision to never look back.

Today, I focus my time and effort on two key areas of business…

Something to Say Communications specializes in advertising, marketing, and communications with a specialty in healthcare, technology, and small business. Since producing projects is our specialty, a select team of strategists, content writers, designers, production artists, developers, printers, as well as a host of other services (SEO, social marketing, marketing automation, specialty coding) are recruited specifically each of our client’s project.

A1C Wellness provides patient perspective communication about diabetes, heart health, and other related conditions through advocacy, speaking, blogging, a website and more. I am available for consulting opportunities as a patient health expert (diabetes), advocacy, marketing program development, and project management. The website is where you can find valuable information and links.

Those who know me realize I expect positive results with all of my projects, but my strongest quality is perseverance. Recently, I appeared on the $even Figure$ podcast with Sandy Waters of 98.9 The Buzz in Rochester, NY. We discussed the topic of “Is It Time to Reinvent Yourself and Upgrade Your Life?” The answer is YES! Listen to the interview and let me know what you think.

! am available for the following: short-term and project consulting roles, long-term producing, speaking, writing, and advocacy projects, agency facilitation, review, and selection.

Phone: 610.762.4140
E-mail: michael.donohoe@s2scomm.com


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