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The Power of a Solid Advertising and Marketing Producer

A while back, I shared an article by a VP I worked for in NYC about why project managers should be looked at more so as a producer. 

As I have finally started to watch “Mad Men”, I can see the evolution of going from the traffic/account management relationship in the 1960’s to why a project manager was added into the mix in the late 1990’s. The advertising process became more complex…more pieces, more people and needed someone who could have an objective and intelligent view in getting the project completed and launched.

Nowadays, the PM has evolved from looking at a project from the 10,000-foot level to getting deep into the details. This includes finding the right resources, as well as reviewing, guiding and commenting on strategy, creative and development. In short, the producer is not only able to execute but has enough “skin in the game” to take a project to a final approval on their own if necessary.

The key issue I see is the role is not respected outside by most firms outside of New York City, Chicago or Los Angeles. This is not a point of whining, but a fact. Ask anyone who is either in this role, or their leadership.

Agencies and marketing departments in corporations. Are your communication professionals engaged, involved and have the ability to be the champion? I hope so. Do not settle for a “box checker” or “paper pusher.” Remember to always find someone who is invested in the deliverable and the team’s mission.

To your success!

About Michael:
Michael has served as a marketing project manager/producer in agencies for three of the top five advertising conglomerates worldwide and two Fortune 100 companies since 2000. With over 25 years of overall marketing experience, Michael currently serves in this role with CBG Images Design of Rochester, NY and is available to connect.

Digital Marketing and Advertishing

Negative Customer Response Creates Media Buzz for Starbuck’s

This has to be a quick post, or I could go on for weeks on this.

As a marketer, with my degree in political science, as well so many political campaigns that I can no longer count, our friends at Starbucks have raised their brand awareness again with the color and message of their latest coffee cup…but wait for my comment below.

This is not just any coffee cup, but one with custom art that connects with one line, creating a number of people in friendship. This already has been confused with being the annual “Winter Holidays” (can I say Christmas anymore?) cup.

I think AdWeek did a very good job in writing a story on this and the Starbuck’s social media buzz is in full force. Go ahead…read it.

Now here is the point that I learned from years in politics, which has more truth in advertising. Is “negative” press truly negative for the brand? In this case, Starbuck’s hit a home run with controversy.

Your opinion may be different than mine, but check your news feeds and other social monitor and what you will see is “#starbucks” and “#greencup.” Perception can be reality and this silly little green cup is taking away buzz from the presidential election right now.

By the way, I’ve shared the coffee cup I am using this morning as a part of this message.

Carry on my friends and enjoy you next cup of java.

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Michael Donohoe is passionate about two things…diabetes advocacy and digital marketing.
Michael openly shares the need to increase diabetes awareness through social media and speaking opportunities. He is in the process of creating a This site will serve as “Your Guide to Relevant Diabetic Information on the Web”.
In marketing, Michael executes profitable programs using inbound marketing (certified), digital content marketing development, digital/mobile strategy and production and social media marketing (some would say he is an “enthusiast”) with an emphasis on project leadership. As a marketing specialist, Michael reigns in the power of social media/blogging (content marketing), effectively identifies the target, creates key online elements, analyzes the behavior of the users through key performance indicators and adapts programs when necessary.
In either passion, Michael focuses on measurable success for the diabetic (their A1C level) and the client (profitability and KPI…key performance indicator goals).
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