Bayer YAZ Website – “YAZ Town”

The “YAZ Town website is one of my all-time favorite projects.

This site was targeted to females 18-30, who were either considering or on YAZ for birth control, premenstrual syndrome or acne.

The user navigated the site by moving the cursor over different areas of the town, which lead them to landmarks and storefronts, which addressed specific topics. At the time, balancing detail and other technologies were a challenge in order for the site to run effectively. In short, this site was ahead of its time.

At one point, the creative and technical team had to remove balloons from many layers of Photoshop and relaunch. This was due to a letter from the FDA stating two TV commercials were “misleading.” including visually.

The site was recognized by the Rx Club with an Award of Excellence.

Additional Bayer Women’s Health projects include:

Bayer YAZ “Princess” Banner


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