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Richard Branson Nailed This One!

I love to follow Richard Branson on Linked In. Several times a week, there is a blog post that he highlights…many are from his team. That is a leader.

Today, it was one of his own.

In short, we complicate things, especially me. In his latest blog, he discusses “Making a Life Plan.” What struck me was how simple he kept it. Especially the point that it should fit on the back of an envelope.

It is simply the pros and cons of daily life.

I did this with my career recently and went from trying to become a strategist, a writer, a social media wiz and several other things. I have learned a lot, enjoyed parts but I AM an advertising and marketing producer. I love this, so I am going back to those roots.

I will be quiet now but go read Richard Branson’s blog post as soon as you can.

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The Best Business Advice I’ve Seen Today…


This is just a little rant…

In my many years as an advertising project manager and producer, I have seen well laid out programs and campaigns blow up for both complex and sometimes simple reasons.

When I saw this image (“Everything is figureoutable”) on Linked IN today, I took a step back while I was assessing my own business and said to myself, “yes it is!”

We tend to make things complex and difficult, especially in business. It is a push or a pull of power, hierarchy, experience, common sense and sometimes luck.

Without perceived complexity, I would not have able to offer to my clients, or past employers my services as a project manager.

So the next time, you think a project is too difficult to figure out, just realize and remind yourself that “everything it is figureoutable.” Get the right guidance, think it through, trust your “gut” and offer a great solution to your team.

So, to quote Nike straight up, “Just Do It!” And to quote me, “You’ve Got This!”




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The Power of a Solid Advertising and Marketing Producer

A while back, I shared an article by a VP I worked for in NYC about why project managers should be looked at more so as a producer. 

As I have finally started to watch “Mad Men”, I can see the evolution of going from the traffic/account management relationship in the 1960’s to why a project manager was added into the mix in the late 1990’s. The advertising process became more complex…more pieces, more people and needed someone who could have an objective and intelligent view in getting the project completed and launched.

Nowadays, the PM has evolved from looking at a project from the 10,000-foot level to getting deep into the details. This includes finding the right resources, as well as reviewing, guiding and commenting on strategy, creative and development. In short, the producer is not only able to execute but has enough “skin in the game” to take a project to a final approval on their own if necessary.

The key issue I see is the role is not respected outside by most firms outside of New York City, Chicago or Los Angeles. This is not a point of whining, but a fact. Ask anyone who is either in this role, or their leadership.

Agencies and marketing departments in corporations. Are your communication professionals engaged, involved and have the ability to be the champion? I hope so. Do not settle for a “box checker” or “paper pusher.” Remember to always find someone who is invested in the deliverable and the team’s mission.

To your success!

About Michael:
Michael has served as a marketing project manager/producer in agencies for three of the top five advertising conglomerates worldwide and two Fortune 100 companies since 2000. With over 25 years of overall marketing experience, Michael currently serves in this role with CBG Images Design of Rochester, NY and is available to connect.

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Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, and Happy Holidays to All!

As I sit here at my desk, I wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and overall, Happy Holidays. Since my Christian faith is well rooted in the Jewish faith, I also wanted to wish many of my friends a Happy Hannukah.

Simply, all I hope for all of you is love, joy, and peace…that is it.

2017 looks to be an exciting year if I do what I need to do and allow my passion to energize opportunity. It is per se much of a repeat of 2017, but I think I finally figured it out.

Love you all and watch out for my final post in 2017, which is coming next week.


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The Fight Against #Diabetes Will Continue Well Beyond November

Over the past month, I have Tweeted a ton, blogged a bit, figured out how to get my Instagram working across platforms (to Twitter and Facebook), and started sharing my blogs to Medium. But what does this really mean? Am I trying to become a “social media star?” Or make myself look good? Or just hopping from one social concern to the next?
Let me be clear and say a resounding No to all of those questions.

For me and I have tried to share openly with many…online and face-to-face…that diabetes is a part of my every day life. Not just in November during Diabetes Awareness Month.

Being only 48, in the last several years, I have been dealing with everyday…

Retinopathy – yes, I have a bleeding issue in the back of the eyes that can only be managed through lower blood sugar and periodic shots (yes, directly into the eyes). So, I am at risk for blindness.

Neuropathy – You see the commercials promoting Lyrica daily for diabetic nerve pain. It sucks! If I do not take my medication (which is something else), I will not sleep well, or be able to walk around well. It also is in my hands to a lesser extent. If I am not careful, and do not take care of any injuries or cuts. So, I am at risk for amputation.

Coronary Artery Disease – See, for some reason, my body does not process and may even produce to much cholesterol. I found out about this when I went in for an aortic valve replacement (my mechanical valve makes a cool click) and came out with a triple bypass as well. So, now I am low to no fat, cholesterol, meats and more. So, I am at a higher risk for a heart attack or stroke. is more than too much sugar. It is either improperly working or dead pancreas. Trust me…the source to all things bad. In short, due to this and every other issue I have mentioned, let me just say it one more time: So, I am at a higher risk for an early death.

The key point is that diabetes can mess with a “normal” life, but you have a choice…curl up and die, or fight. I choose to fight.

The fight against diabetes is two-fold. First and most of all, it is your own health. Take on the responsibility to exercise, change your diet, speak with your doctor to help you with a plan and prescribing the necessary medications, and then make it happen. Second, to to online resources including the American Diabetes Association, JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes a.k.a. Type 1) and the large number of magazines or healthcare sites.

Time for me to get moving and to start my December in less than twelve hours…one of the most challenging months of the year for diabetics.

If you would like to reach out to me, go to the Let’s Connect page on my website,

Keep moving and keep living!