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Great Advocacy Article from the Insulin in Nation Website

Since my passion is focusing on diabetes advocacy, I would like to share this great article written by Jim Cahill the Insulin in Nation website. In short, it is a must read.

The story is “How the 21st Century Cures Act Will Change Diabetes Care.”

In short, the law allows the NIH to push forward new treatments and therapies at a faster rate. For diabetics, this is key to reducing the side effects and the continued search for a cure.

As expands, advocacy will become an integral place to help your voice heard through links to key resources ( and

Please take a look. Read the full article and let me know what you think.

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The Fight Against #Diabetes Will Continue Well Beyond November

Over the past month, I have Tweeted a ton, blogged a bit, figured out how to get my Instagram working across platforms (to Twitter and Facebook), and started sharing my blogs to Medium. But what does this really mean? Am I trying to become a “social media star?” Or make myself look good? Or just hopping from one social concern to the next?
Let me be clear and say a resounding No to all of those questions.

For me and I have tried to share openly with many…online and face-to-face…that diabetes is a part of my every day life. Not just in November during Diabetes Awareness Month.

Being only 48, in the last several years, I have been dealing with everyday…

Retinopathy – yes, I have a bleeding issue in the back of the eyes that can only be managed through lower blood sugar and periodic shots (yes, directly into the eyes). So, I am at risk for blindness.

Neuropathy – You see the commercials promoting Lyrica daily for diabetic nerve pain. It sucks! If I do not take my medication (which is something else), I will not sleep well, or be able to walk around well. It also is in my hands to a lesser extent. If I am not careful, and do not take care of any injuries or cuts. So, I am at risk for amputation.

Coronary Artery Disease – See, for some reason, my body does not process and may even produce to much cholesterol. I found out about this when I went in for an aortic valve replacement (my mechanical valve makes a cool click) and came out with a triple bypass as well. So, now I am low to no fat, cholesterol, meats and more. So, I am at a higher risk for a heart attack or stroke. is more than too much sugar. It is either improperly working or dead pancreas. Trust me…the source to all things bad. In short, due to this and every other issue I have mentioned, let me just say it one more time: So, I am at a higher risk for an early death.

The key point is that diabetes can mess with a “normal” life, but you have a choice…curl up and die, or fight. I choose to fight.

The fight against diabetes is two-fold. First and most of all, it is your own health. Take on the responsibility to exercise, change your diet, speak with your doctor to help you with a plan and prescribing the necessary medications, and then make it happen. Second, to to online resources including the American Diabetes Association, JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes a.k.a. Type 1) and the large number of magazines or healthcare sites.

Time for me to get moving and to start my December in less than twelve hours…one of the most challenging months of the year for diabetics.

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Keep moving and keep living!

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My Thanksgiving #Diabetes Challenge and “Recovery Monday”

I am not going to take the time to over edit this post, as it is just a quick discourse of being a #diabetic, and finishing the biggest “food” holiday of the year.

First, I have the joy of celebrating Thanksgiving twice a year…once in November as you already have figured out, and usually around the 10th of October, which is Thanksgiving in Canada. My wife is Canadian born and here family lives to the north.

Okay…just in short, I did better this year than others, but still not great. On top of the #diabetes and several related conditions (#neuropathy and #retinopathy), I also deal with coronary artery disease. My body does not process fats and cholesterol well at all. So, even though you would not know it, my family’s Thanksgiving has an Italian theme with antipasto (deli meats, olives and more), ravioli and Italian desserts, on top of the usual turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes. Then there are leftovers on Friday.

Basically, the Monday after Thanksgiving is always a challenge for me, yet I did a few things better this year. First, I monitored my portions, yet I know I kicked up my blood sugar. I went for an hour walk after the dessert with my son, which was good for our physical and mental health, and most of all, tried to be less stressed (stress increases cholesterol).

So after a weekend of travel and food, it is time to get back to an even course before we enter the Christmas and New Year season.

– Less Carbs
– More Veggies
– Almost No Meat
– Walking, strength and stretching exercises
– Stress reducing activities.

Well, I am off to work some more. Drop me a line on the connect section of my website, send me an email at or follow my Twitter @michaeldonohoe.

Keep Moving and Keep Living!


My Cardiologist + Bad Lab Numbers = Diabetes Reboot!

Yesterday, I was listening to the “Social Media Bootcamp” course on (@creativelive), when Ariel Hyatt explained two things that resonated in my head…it will take easily 18 months to grow an audience online, but more so, what is “your” story. For me, I write about it here and there, but need to more. Here is strictly what is happening today.

This morning, I had an appointment with my cardiologist for my coronary artery disease and mechanical heart valve and as usual, I was at least 20 plus years younger than any other patient. Knowing my challenges, I suddenly received the lab results on my phone for my cholesterol and other related numbers. NOT GOOD!

AS I waited for the doctor, I took a quick accounting of myself (just a sample of what ran through my head)..

  • I am exercising moderately, including walking, weights and stretching (including #yoga).
  • I am generally eating low to no fats, low to no cholesterol, little to no meats, and little processed foods
  • I am drinking primarily water, fresh lemonade (with stevia), coffee (with unsweetened almond milk) or tea (with Stevia. There is some wine and beer in there, which is limited to 2-4 drinks weekly

Being a #diabetic and living with #diabetes is a daily thing. With me, it is a constant thing due to the added issues with the #heart and circulatory system (the #aorticvalve and three #arteries were replaced last year).

Okay, after feeling like a two year old who just stole some cookies, and not even speaking with my primary doctor who manages my diabetes, it was apparent that I needed to trash everything and REBOOT!

My A1C was trending around 6.0 and shot up three months ago to 8.7. I get the next test done Thursday, but due to the other labs, like the number on the #triglycerides, I am sure that I have blown it…we will see.

So, with the reboot, here are immediate key changes…

  • Get rid of bananas and white potatoes, reduce tomato intake…yup, that specific
  • Lower pasta of all types…brown rice worked, but is now an issue
  • More active steps per day, plus other cardio, strength and flexibility exercises
  • Stay within my agreed upon alcohol intake limit…pretty easy to do
  • Avoid anything else with white flour…whole grain only

With November being  #DiabetesAwarenessMonth, look our for more articles.

And remember, keep moving and keep living!

Short Bio…

Michael Donohoe is passionate about two things…diabetes advocacy and digital marketing.
Michael openly shares the need to increase diabetes awareness through social media and speaking opportunities. He is in the process of creating a This site will serve as “Your Guide to Relevant Diabetic Information on the Web”.

In marketing, Michael executes profitable programs using inbound marketing (certified), digital content marketing development, digital/mobile strategy and production and social media marketing (some would say he is an “enthusiast”) with an emphasis on project leadership. As a marketing specialist, Michael reigns in the power of social media/blogging (content marketing), effectively identifies the target, creates key online elements, analyzes the behavior of the users through key performance indicators and adapts programs when necessary.

In either passion, Michael focuses on measurable success for the diabetic (their A1C level) and the client (profitability and KPI…key performance indicator goals).

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