Digital Marketing and Advertishing

Following my passions, yet one is more important than the other…

This morning. I had a very hard time waking up. I am fighting a headache and other health challenges related to my diabetes (diabetics NEED the required sleep).

I had been up till 2:30 AM writing a proposal for a potential local client. This is the first good opportunity to utilize my inbound certification, as well as my producer background. I am excited and hope the contract comes through, but I realized, I was doing it again.

Since I left New York City back in May to return to my 175+ year old Finger Lakes home, I have gone from following my passion and focusing on diabetes advocacy/awareness, to become an expert at pushing it backwards, and returning to an areas of comfort of being a marketer.

I need to balance the two.

As I see it, if I can dedicate half of my professional hours to diabetes advocacy/awareness through speaking, writing, social media, lobbying, patient influence, etc. and half to marketing through digital, inbound and social media programs to a handful of committed clients, life would be good! What I am realizing, I a good at creating cycles, which may have a negative effect on my mental, emotional and physical well-being.

To my former colleagues in healthcare advertising, let’s get together and talk…you are people I respect and understand me as a marketer, as well as my condition.

To my fellow diabetics, there are many ways we can connect…Twitter, Linked IN, through my personal site at, or my diabetes condition portal at

To my fellow business contacts, I am always interested in talking about new ideas for your company or personal projects.

And if you do not know me, then here is my short bio from the bottom of my email.

Michael Donohoe openly shares the need to increase diabetes awareness through social media and speaking opportunities. He is in the process of creating a website that will serve as “Your Guide to Relevant Diabetic Information on the Web”.

In marketing, Michael executes profitable programs using inbound marketing (certified), content marketing, digital strategy & production, social media (some would say he is an “enthusiast”) and project leadership. As a marketing specialist, Michael reigns in the power of social media/blogging (content marketing), effectively identifies the target, creates key online elements, analyzes the behavior of the users through key performance indicators and adapts programs when necessary.

In either passion, Michael focuses on measurable success for the diabetic (their A1C level) and the client (agreed upon KPIs).

Photo Credit: The Middletown, New Jersey Bayshore at Twilight, Photo by Stacey Baker-Bruno, Copyright 2016,

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